Punching and forming presses


Profiles cutting

Flying cutting with linear motor

  • highest speed up to 150m/min
  • highest load
  • rubust design
  • length of travel 2000 or 3000 mm

Flying cutting unit with servo motor and ball screw

  • lighter design of cutting adaptors
  • length of travel 1200mm

Start-stop cutting

  • low costs
  • high accuracy of positioning
  • suitable of perforation and forming parts with many operations

Cutting adaptors

Adaptor for cutting without scrap

  • high productivity
  • simple profiles
  • simple tools

Adaptor for cutting with scrap

  • mid-high productivity
  • complex profiles

Adaptor for cutting of closed profiles

  • medium productivity
  • very complex profiles
  • complex tools

Cutting saw

  • medium or low productivity
  • the most complex profiles
  • cold or hot cut design


Induction/HF welding

  • High frequency welding with inductor and inpeder
  • speed up to 80 m/min
  • heat inluence only in place of welding
  • following operation as brush or metalization