Line for the manufacture of HVAC ductwork – LCP


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Line LCP

This is a machine designed for the automatic production of square HVAC ducts, allowing production of the duct with the highest efficiency in the smallest possible space.

When running, the machine executes the following operations:

Programming of individual dimensions and of the additions for any duct seam is carried out on a control panel located directly on the machine. Software for the line is created with the capacity to conform to the products of all duct manufacturers.

If the beading and the bending functions are omitted, the machine can also serve solely for cutting flat sheets of metal of up to 10 m in lengths.

The machine can be equipped with a special device for the easy selection of coils –the “selector”. In this case, you can easily and swiftly choose between three types of coils that are then loaded directly into the machine.

The beading part of the machine is equipped, in accordance with the customer’s wishes, with either the “Z” or the “trapeze” profile. However, it can also be equipped with both types of profiles simultaneously.

Basic technical parameters: