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Flanging machine

This machine serves to create a flange with a height of 7(12) mm on straight or curved sheet metal sections. It is used most frequently in the production of side parts for square HVAC duct fittings. The flange can be created on the inner or outer radius.

There are three basic versions of this machine:


  1. For making the Pittsburgh lock, the basic design is sufficient.
  2. For making the Snap lock, the machine has to be equipped with a punching head. After creating the flange in the basic section of the machine, the semi-product has to be inserted into the upper head, where the desired cuts will be carried out.
  3. For the production of closed circular caps, the machine (var. 3) can be equipped with a drive-out head for easy unloading of the finished product. In this design the machine is completed by an end stop for the height of the flange adjustable within a range of 5 – 12 mm, and by an auxiliary roller for automatic setting of the radius.
  4. The combination of versions V2 and V3 is a machine with drive-out head and snap lock punching head.

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